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Rescue Enterprise

Let us RESCUE you!

Emergency COVID-19 Infection Prevention Full Facility Sanitizing

To protect your employees and your bottom line, your facility needs a professional sanitizing now! It is not known how long the COVID-19 virus lasts on surfaces, thus the urgency. Just a few workers or clients affected by this virus can really cripple a business. 

Rescue Enterprise’s infection prevention control can help you protect your office now: call 901-218-0750!

Emergency COVID-19 Infection Prevention Full Facility Sanitizing includes:

1. A comprehensive disinfecting and decontaminating of the entire facility

2. An air purification treatment

Our cleansers are 100% effective in the fight against coronavirus. 

Book an Infection Prevention Sanitizing today 901-218-0750

For your infection prevention needs, let us RESCUE you!